Valentine’s Day Tic-Tac-Toe

Organized games are so beneficial for young children!  Playing games teaches children how to maneuver within set boundaries.  Children are hard-wired to need limits and boundaries.  That might sound crazy, because we have all seen the massive tantrums when we set limits, but children like to feel safe and in control. Having set rules and limitations help children understand their world and how it works.  Following rules while playing games helps children practice for the limitations in the real world at school, museums, social interactions etc.  Obviously it can be very difficult for young children to play by the rules, because it is so important for them to win. I think it’s great to let kids win sometimes, but it’s also important to try to practice following the rules too.  It teaches kids fairness and delaying gratification.  Anyways, games are an amazing tool to help your child learn and grow.

Tic-tac-toe is a fun and simple game that even young children can understand.  If your child is too young to understand how to play, they can work on color and shape sorting.  This tic-tac-toe game is festive and fun for Valentine’s Day!  It is so easy to prepare this game and your kids will have so much fun playing it!

Supplies Red and Pink Felt- I get my felt at hobby lobby.  It is higher quality felt for $0.34 a sheet.

Poster Board- to draw your tic-tac-toe board on



  1. Draw your tic-tac-toe board on your poster board. I just used a ruler and a sharpie to draw the board 
  2. Cut out your X’s.  It is easiest to cut a square, fold it in half, and cut out your X.  This will give you a symmetrical X.
  3. Cut out your hearts.  You can do this the same way as the X’s.  Start with a red square, fold it in half, and cut out half of a heart shape. 

That’s it!  It only takes 10 minutes to prepare this game, and your kids will have so much fun learning and playing their Valentine’s tic-tac-toe!



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