Sweet Dessert Felt Board for Kids

It is birthday month for my son!  Birthdays are a BIG deal at our house, we wait all year for our birthdays.  Christmas is the only holiday bigger than birthdays around here.  I love going all out for birthdays. I love having an entire day to celebrate the people that I love the most.  Having a child makes every single holiday so magical, including birthdays.  My son has such a wild enthusiasm for life, and his birthday is such a high-energy, exciting day! Because it is finally birthday month, we kicked it off with a sweet felt board.

This felt board is so fun!  Most kids have a bit of a sweet tooth, so a board full of desserts is a very exciting concept!  Kids get to rearrange each dessert to make unique creations.  My son has been putting the candles in each cupcake and singing ‘happy birthday’ to himself. If you have felt intimidated by felt boards, this is the perfect one to start with.  Each item is super basic, and it doesn’t take very long to cut everything out.  This felt board is also the one that my son plays with the most!  Sometimes he pretends to own a treat shop.  He takes orders and makes us special desserts.  Your kids will have endless fun with this felt board.  Free templates are available at the end of this post to help you recreate these felt sweets.


Felt- Make sure you get light brown for ice cream cones, dark brown for chocolate, and an off-white for white cake.  Grab a few other fun colors for frosting, different ice cream flavors and cupcake liners. We used pink, turquoise, light pink, green, purple, and light blue.  I get my felt at hobby lobby for $0.34 each.


(That’s it!  Felt boards are SO budget friendly and themes are so versatile!)


  1. Cut out simple, long triangles for ice cream cones, and cut out each ice cream flavor. Cut out your cones first and then I cut out squares that were slightly bigger than the top of the cone.  I started with these squares to cut out ice cream scoops.  This ensured that each scoop would fit perfectly on top of each cone. 
  2. Cutting out cupcakes is similar. Cut out your cupcake liners first and then slightly smaller squares for the cupcake.  Round the edges for the top of the cupcake and then angle the bottom inwards so it will fit nicely inside the cupcake liner.
  3. The frosting for the large cake and cupcake are the same shape. We did bigger frosting for the cupcakes and smaller for the birthday cake. 
  4. The birthday cake is VERY easy! Cut out a big rectangle for the cake, and round the corners.  Cut out another rectangle for the frosting, same length horizontally and half the length vertically. Round the corners and create a dripping effect along the bottom. 
  5. The doughnuts are a simple oval. Once you have your oval, fold it in half and cut a smaller hole in the middle for the doughnut hole.  The frosting is basically the same process.  Cut a slightly smaller oval, fold in half and cut a bigger hole in the middle.  Then make wavy scissor cuts around the outside. 
  6. The candles are very basic! I cut out multi-colored long rectangles, and then flame shapes.  I hot-glued the flames onto the candles since they were so little.  I didn’t want them getting lost. 

That’s it!  We hope you have fun with your sweet felt board!

Free templates are available here.  Templates are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

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