Shape & Color Sorting Learning Activity

We are in the thick of learning shapes over here! My son gets a little bit of an attitude when I try to have sit-down lessons.  At first it was so frustrating to try to teach him anything.  I’m hoping this doesn’t translate to what his teenage years will look like (yikes!).  Anyways, after a lot of trial and error, I realized that I needed to create learning opportunities where I take a back seat.  Letting him explore and experience activities is sometimes frustrating to watch, because I’m kind of an obsessive compulsive control freak.  But that is the way that I have discovered he learns best!  The most rewarding part is watching him understand a concept on his own.  I’m a proud mama, and his confidence soars!  It is still important for me to create learning opportunities and experiences for him.  Enter this fun and easy felt learning activity! 

There are so many fun activities that you can use to teach shapes, but this one is my favorite!  This activity held my son’s attention for 20 consecutive minutes.  For a three year old, that is a major success!  I loved that we got to use our felt board, and that we were able to incorporate color recognition into this activity.

This activity is insanely budget friendly.  How do you feel about $2?  It also only takes about 20 minutes to cut out the houses and shapes.  If you have children that are preschool age, you have no reason not to create this felt board activity!  You don’t even need a felt board for this activity, your child can use their felt pieces on the floor or the table.


Felt- I used red, green, blue, purple and yellow.


(That’s it! Woohoo!)


  1. Cut out your houses. The easiest way to do this is to fold your felt in half and cut on the fold.  This will create a symmetrical house every time! 
  2. Cut out your shapes. Again, I folded my felt and cut on the fold. This takes half the time and creates perfectly symmetrical shapes. Create all sorts of sizes and variations to your shapes! 

Model the activity to your child, and then allow them to play and learn their shapes!  I hope you and your child have as much fun with this felt set as we did!

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