Pom-Pom Painting Valentine’s Day Art

My son is sick with a cold right now.  My son takes after me when he is sick, meaning he is kind of a whiny wreck when he gets sick.  Funny story:  I feel like I always hear wives complaining that their husbands are super whiny and needy when they are sick.  The roles are completely reversed at our house.  I get so impatient and frustrated with my body when I am sick, so I am fairly unbearable to be around when I am sick.  The whole world knows when I am sick, because I am not shy about complaining about it.  Getting sick became a much more intense situation since becoming a stay at home mom.  It is SO hard to be sick while also taking care of a tiny human.  What I am trying to say is that you don’t want to come around while I am sick.  On the other hand, sometimes I don’t even know when my husband is sick.  He carries on with things as usual and doesn’t make a fuss.  Sometimes I wonder what planet he came from.  I am convinced that I have a terrible immune system, and that sicknesses hit me harder than him.  At least that is what I tell myself. Anyways, since my son is sick right now, we needed a fun craft to take his mind off of it. 

Pom-pom painting is always a win around here!  It is so simple for young kids to execute, and it is SO fun!  I even love pom-pom painting.  This art project was so great because my son didn’t even realize that he was making a Valentine’s Day craft.  You can let your kids go to town with their pom-pom painting, and then the heart overlay goes on last.


White cardstock


Adhesive Foam





  1. Clip your pom-pom with your clothespin. 
  2. Put paint on a paper plate and start painting your paper. You can make painting strokes or dot-paint with up and down motions. 
  3. Allow your paper time to dry while you cut your foam overlay. Measure the size of your paper and cut your foam to the same measurements.  Sketch your heart on the back of your foam. 
  4. Cut out the inside of your heart. We used the old trick of punching a hole through the middle of our heart and cutting from that point. 
  5. Once your painting is dry, you can remove the paper layer and adhere your foam to your painting. 

Now you have a unique and festive piece of Valentine’s Day art! 

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