Love Trees: Valentine’s Day Art Project

Love trees are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and remind kids of everything they have to be grateful for.  I take any chance I can get to promote thankfulness in my child.  Most parents want to raise children who are kind and selfless.  This is becoming increasingly difficult in this era where everything they want/need is at their fingertips.  We all want to give our children everything, but we also want to make sure that we don’t raise spoiled brats. I feel like the first thing we can teach our children to combat selfishness is gratefulness. One of the best ways to exercise gratefulness for our children is to imitate it.  Let your children hear you say ‘thank you’ to others, and frequently thank your child for good behavior.  Children that can learn to be appreciative are typically happy, well-adjusted and connect well with their peers.

Teaching children to be grateful is an on-going process.  Don’t get discouraged if it is currently a work in progress!  This love tree is a fun way to practice thankfulness while also creating a fun piece of Valentine’s Day art!  This art project is perfect for all ages, and your kids will have so much fun brainstorming all of the things that they love.


Cardstock- green for the tree, brown for the trunk, red or pink for the hearts.

Tissue paper- green for leaves.

Glue- glue stick for young children and Elmer’s glue for older children.

Paper plate- we dumped some glue out on the plate to dip our tissue paper in.



  1. Cut out your tree and trunk out of your cardstock, and glue them together.
  2. Cut out your hearts out of your red cardstock. Work with your child to come up with things that your child loves to write on each heart. 
  3. Cut your tissue paper into small squares.
  4. Start gluing your tissue paper onto your tree. For young children, they can work with a glue stick and squares of tissue paper.  For older children, they can wrap their tissue paper around the bottom of their pen, dip the bottom in glue, and glue it to their tree.  
  5. Once you have glued all of your leaves onto your tree, dip your hearts into the glue and gently push them onto your tree. If you get glue on the entire back side of the heart, it will adhere to the tree!  

Once you finish your love tree, you can display it in your home for a fun piece of festive art.  It will also serve as a reminder for your children about all of the things that they love and are grateful for!  


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