Flower Recognition Art Project for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day!  I love everything about it.  I love the expression of love, the flowers, the candy, the hearts, etc.  I don’t care that it is an over-commercialized holiday; I think it’s nice to have a day designated to love.  My son was born in February, so February is even more special for me. My husband and I started a tradition when we got married to make each other homemade love cards. I don’t like leaving my son with a sitter on Valentine’s Day.  So we have a typical evening, put him to bed early and cook a nice dinner.  These plans might sound lame, but I love our Valentine’s Days!  My husband and I are both more reserved people, so low-key plans are perfect for us.

The one thing about Valentine’s Day that isn’t low key are my décor and crafts!  We start prepping for Valentine’s Day in January.  I love everything about flowers.  I love how bright and cheerful they are.  Having flowers around improves my mood and the look of my house!  Just a warning, there are going to be a lot of floral arts and crafts coming up in the next couple of weeks!  This art project is the best kind; it is fun, easy AND educational.  It was the cutest thing in the world to hear my son say the flower names. There are so many different ways that you can customize this art project: you can create any type of flower with any type of material that you have around your house. This project has dimension,  bright colors and textures to make it fun!


White cardstock



Decorative pieces (buttons, pom-poms, craft jewels)




  1. Cut out your felt flowers. We did our tulip, daisy and geranium in felt.  I don’t have a template, because flowers should be free-handed.  They are supposed to be imperfect and unique!
  2. We made two roses, one out of felt and one out of pipe cleaner. With the felt rose, start with a circle of felt and then cut it in a spiral.  Starting at the inside, start to wrap it.  Once you have wrapped the whole thing, glue the end to keep it from unraveling.   

The pipe cleaner rose is simple!  All you have to do is wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger and then glue it on your             paper.  

  1. For your lilac, start by making two loops in your pipe cleaner. Secure each loop with some twists in the middle. Create the last two loops and secure them with extra twists.  Pipe cleaner is easy to maneuver and work with!  
  2. Glue all of your flowers on your paper and add your decorative pieces. 
  3. Talk about flower names and add them to your art piece. 

Hopefully you and your child can learn some new flowers and decorate your home with a creative piece of Valentine’s Day art!

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