DIY Stamps: Art Activity for Kids

We have had family staying with us for almost a month!  It was so fun and we were able to create lasting memories with the people that we love the most!  It was also a crazy change from our quiet day to day routine.  We are a family of three: my husband, myself and my three year old son.  My husband goes to work in the morning and my son and I spend our days together.  We usually love our peaceful days together, but when our extended family left, our house felt way too quiet.  We hadn’t done any art projects for almost a month, so I knew we needed some creative therapy.  I had been toying with this craft idea for a while, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.  Good news: not only did it work, but my son and I had fun creating cheerful pieces of art while learning shapes and colors.

This activity is fun for any aged child.  I did shapes with my son because he is preschool age, but you can customize this activity to your child’s interests.  You could do letter stamps, snowflakes, flowers, etc. This activity is also budget friendly!  We got all of our supplies for under $5.  I got our wooden blocks at hobby lobby, they had a pack of 8 for $3.  We also got our adhesive foam at hobby lobby for $0.99.  When my son was done stamping, I washed his blocks off in the sink.  The foam came off when I was washing them, so I dried and stored the blocks.  Now we can create new stamps and use them another day!  This craft was SO fun, I hope you have fun creating your unique stamps!


Wooden blocks (There should be a good selection at your local craft store, get a size that will be easy for your kids to hold and stamp with.)

Adhesive craft foam (The adhesive side has a thin paper layer, so you can sketch your shapes on the paper side, and then cut them out.)


Washable Paint



  1. Cut out squares of foam the same size as your wooden cubes. 
  2. Sketch your shapes on the back of your foam and then cut them out. 
  3. Remove the paper layer and adhere shapes to the wooden cube. Your stamp is ready to use!  
  4. We used paint with our stamps. The best way to do this is to put your paint colors on a paper plate and use a paintbrush to even out the paint to a thin coat.  If the paint is too thick, your stamp will get too much paint and end up splotchy and unclear.  If you have stamp pads, you could also use those for a more mess-free activity.