Curly Flower Valentine’s Day Art Project

I love Valentine’s Day.  I am also a boy mom.  Everyone see the problem?  I love pink, glitter, hearts, flowers and all of the other girly things that Valentine’s Day entails.  I was testing my hand at making felt flowers the other day, and before I knew it, my son was using them as swords…I knew if I wanted to get any Valentine crafts by this season, they would need to have a fun and unique factor. Enter this curly flower art project!

We are totally obsessed with the curling paper technique!  This trick is old as dirt, but it is still around because it is so versatile and fun.  Who doesn’t love watching their curly paper bounce off of their pen after wrapping it? It delights children and adults!  Not only is curling paper delightful, it creates learning opportunities for children.  It works fine motor skills for younger children and teaches cause and effect for older children.

DIY curly flowers are the perfect craft for Valentine’s Day. They make darling art décor and/or adorable homemade valentine cards!


Cardstock Paper- we used hot pink and light pink on white cardstock.

Pen/pencil- for wrapping your strips of paper.


Paper plate

Green pipe cleaner- I got a package of 25 for $0.98 at Walmart.


  1. Cut paper strips with the colors that you want your flowers to be. It is easiest to use a paper cutter if you have one, if not, scissors will work just fine! 
  2. Wrap each strip around your pen/pencil to make them curly! You can pinch them tighter or stretch them out when they come off of the pen/pencil. 
  3. Glue your curly flowers to your paper. The smoothest way to do this is to dump some glue on a paper plate.  Then you can dip your flowers in the glue and stick them straight on your paper.  This technique cuts down on a lot of mess and stickiness.  
  4. Glue your pipe cleaner on your paper. We just made a line of glue, and stuck the pipe cleaner on.  Easy peasy! 

That’s it!  A quick and easy process to add dimension and creativity to your Valentine’s Day art project!  We hope you enjoy it.  Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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