Christmas Felt Board

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE felt!  I use it for so many of my crafts.  I love it because it is tough, durable, and easy to sew or hand-stitch on. It is so perfect for small children because it won’t rip or tear easily when they play with it.  Felt is easy to find, cheap and it doesn’t fray!  I like to get my felt at hobby lobby. They seem to have better quality felt, and they have felt by the bolt if you need a larger piece. Now that you know all about my felt obsession, let me convince everyone to make a felt board…

Our felt board is easily the most played with toy in our home. My son plays with it almost daily, and it is always a hit when we have play dates.  The possibilities are endless with a felt board!  You can use it for learning purposes, imaginative play, seasonal fun, etc. Once I think of a new theme, I can usually spend a couple hours in the evening and cut everything out.  I try to do a new theme for every month of the year. You can find all of my monthly templates here on my blog! I love surprising my son each month with new themes for our felt board. I also find it highly therapeutic to pop in a movie in the evening and cut my felt.  Anyways, I hope I have converted a few people to embrace felt and felt boards!

My Christmas felt board is my very favorite felt board!  My son has so much enthusiasm for the holiday season, so he plays endlessly with this board.  He loves decorating and re-decorating the tree and rearranging the presents under the tree. We sing classic holiday songs while acting them out on our board, and our board also serves as very cute holiday décor!  Enjoy the season with this fun board, and remember that my templates are available for download at the end of this post!

Christmas Felt Board Supplies

  • Felt (large green, red, brown, light brown, black, white, yellow, pink, light green, turquoise, dark blue) *I got ½ yard of sparkly white felt by the bolt to cover the green grass on my felt board. I didn’t staple it on, just cut it so it fit perfectly over the green grass. This makes your board look like a winter wonderland!
  • Scissors
  • Templates (download at the end of this post)
  • Hot Glue Gun

(That’s it!  Woo!)

Directions/ Tips

[Disclaimer] I have a very steady hand, it is truly a gift. I sketch everything out on paper, and then I eye ball it, and cut the objects out of felt.  You might notice that some of my objects don’t look exactly like my templates- that is the reason. My templates are available for download.  You can cut them out and trace them on your felt and then cut out.

When cutting your tree out, if you aren’t drawing and tracing, or if you want your tree bigger than my template, fold your felt in half and cut both layers. This will save time and ensure that your tree will be symmetrical.

I did ZERO sewing with this felt board. I cut out each object and then hot glue it together!

The candy canes are just circles hot glued together. Each candy cane has eight circles, four red and four white.

I used a fabric marker to draw smiles on the elves.

I hot glued googly eyes on Santa, reindeer, elves and penguins.

I used a really dark brown felt for my reindeer, so their noses didn’t show up very well in my photos.  They look much better in person. Don’t be afraid of using dark brown felt!

Happy cutting and merry Christmas!

Download Christmas Felt Board Templates Here.

**Templates are for PERSONAL USE ONLY**