Build a Snowman Felt Activity

I have never been a huge fan of snow. Which is unfortunate because I live in Utah, the snow capitol of the world. Okay, maybe not, but it definitely feels that way sometimes.  Yes, the snow makes for a very white and magical Christmas every year, but I just can’t get over the cold factor.  I have bad blood circulation. This is self-diagnosed of course, but I feel like I am permanently cold from the months of October to April every year! Anyways, the snow and I don’t typically get along…that was until I had my son.  Watching him discover and delight in snow was truly magical.  His favorite thing is waking up to fresh snow. He can hardly wait to get bundled up and get out the door to play! Being cold isn’t nearly as horrible when I am watching my son squeal and revel in the snow.

This winter season has been quite a disappointment this year. We have only had two real snowfalls this season, and it’s already January!  I’m not complaining too much, because last week we were at the park in light jackets. Mama don’t mind that one bit. But I have been missing my snow play-dates with my cut and curious son. Enter snow/winter crafts!  If the snow isn’t falling, then we are going to experience it through crafts!

These felt snowmen are SO fun!  My son and I were building and dressing them up for at least an hour the other morning while singing Frozen songs (obvi).  It is basic, beginner-level cutting, and it was so fun to invent and customize accessories!  Young kids will have fun building their snowmen, and older kids can be involved in the creating and cutting process.

Supplies Needed


Felt (It is fun to get bright and fun colors to play around with for this craft!)

Hot glue


  1. Cut three circles out of white felt. I used different sizes of cereal bowls to trace circles on my felt, and then cut them out. I made two snowmen, so I layered my felt and cut out two circles at once to save time!  For both of my snowmen it took two 8.5×11 sheets of white felt. Did I mention this activity is very budget friendly?! 
  2. I decided to hot-glue the faces onto each snowmen. The eyes, nose and mouth were so tiny, I was worried about constantly losing them.  I tried to make the eyes look like coal with very imperfect circles cut out of black felt. The nose was a simple oblong triangle out of orange felt, and a simple smile for the mouth with black felt. 
  3. The stick arms and boots were fairly basic. You really can’t mess up stick arms, they are supposed to jagged and imperfect! Whenever you are cutting two identical objects, always layer your felt one on top of each other and cut them out at the same time! Here are pictures of mine to give you an idea of how to cut yours out! 
  4. Start designing and cutting out your hats and scarves! This was the best part…playing with the bright colors and having fun designing new looks!  I did three hats and three scarves, but my son has already asked for a purple hat, so I might be working on more very soon! 

Whether you have snow and need a warm, indoor activity, or you are in a warmer climate and having snow envy, this is the perfect activity! Your kids will have so much fun building and dressing their snowmen.

I didn’t create a template for this activity because the cutting is pretty basic, but if I get feedback that people want templates, I will be happy to post some!

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